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Brandon Heath 

My name is Brandon Heath and my craft is creating innovative visual content. My affection for Photography and videography began at a very young age when my parents allowed my siblings and me to utilize the family’s old VHS camcorders. I can remember setting up makeshift backgrounds in the basement with my sisters or utilizing our vast backyard and formulating dramatic scenes to shoot as if I were Spike Lee.

From there I was hooked.​

My mother Beatrice Heath, who is a professional and gifted photographer of over 25 years, began to share her wisdom on the art of capturing the essence of people and places. I honed in on my abilities by picking up freehand drawing and from there culminated an acute eye for angles, contrast, and focal points.

My love for videography followed me into my adult years and in spite of being self-taught, by the age of 24 I had shot my very first major wedding in Tennessee. I posted my edited footage from that wedding on my social media, received great feedback, obtained several commissions to do additional weddings and from there Heath Film & Photo was born.


My passion coupled wonderfully with my love of people, and I soon grew my company to offering photography as well as videography services. I became obsessed with learning techniques that grasped the spirit of any moment, whether it be a bride articulating her vows or a joyous soon to be mother posing for a portrait. My job was to capture that moment, bottle it up, and allow you to drink that same feeling in, over and over through time.

Although years later I still specialize in wedding videography, I have branched out to other facets, like music videos, portraiture and (my new favorite) travel videography. These new realms have pushed my creativity immensely and have inspired me to perfect my craft. I have been able to record around the world in such places as Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. In my most recent excursion, I was blessed to have had the most regal of subjects in one of the most beautiful corners of the world - local school children in Nyahururu, Kenya. That remote job solidified who I was as a creator and whom I wanted to become.


I believe that visual media has the ability to touch our lives in a powerful way. The thing I love most about my career as a photographer/videographer is being able to bring joy, pleasure, comfort, and pride into the lives of the clients who entrust me with preserving their precious family memories or lifelong work. For that, I am indeed honored and grateful. 

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